Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Much to Share II

Listening to: Rhonda Vincent, one of my favorite bluegrass artists. I love her song "I Gotta Start Somewhere." Boy, have I been there.

Well, as for what's going in my life... (First, I want to say that this one introductory sentence made me think of how minuscule our lives are. Important to us, those who love us, and important to a "Higher Being," but so small in comparison to the whole world.)

After Bluegrass this year, I starting thinking about what it would be like to live on my own again. I was living with a wonderful lady, Margaret, up in the NE Heights...nice neighborhood, nice neighbors, gorgeous backyard, etc, but was starting to feel the walls closing in on me in that tiny bedroom. Well, it turned out that the ranch owner (our cousin by marriage) was looking to rent out the apartment above his house...which, by the way, is in the North Valley and sits on 2.5 gated acres with three hound dogs to stand guard (friggin' awesome!) So, I drove down and took a look one afternoon and decided that I wanted to try it out. Well....I LOVE living here! I'm the only person living on the property at this time. He and his family live in a newer house on the NW side of town and his plans are to renovate the original house and the newer, downstairs additions. But, due to his extremely hectic schedule, I know this will not be happening any time soon. Until then, it's me and the hound dogs enjoying the peace and quiet (and sometimes too dang quiet!) The only thing I'm not too fond of anymore is this:
A freaking centipede just hanging out on my kitchen floor, doing God only knows what...probably just waiting until I bent down to clean the floor so it could wriggle like a snake (or worse, like a centipede!) and scare me out of my skin. I suppose it's one of the only downsides to living in this gorgeous house. Gotta stay positive even when you know there are terrors lurking around every corner. :)

Otis. I just love this dog.
When he gives me those hound dog eyes and that lonely whine, I just can't help
but walk over to him and pet his snotty nose.

Otis and Dixie, fighting for my love.
The only time I allow that. ;)

Next up, "What in the heck am I going to do after graduation?!" Well, I have decided to stay in Albuquerque and continue to work as a personal trainer while taking one or two classes, likely prerequisite classes for a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) degree. (Crys, if you read this before we talk on the phone again, give me a call so we can chat...I have ideas for a "Wedding Plans" trip, even though I won't be living out there!) Last week I purchased an airline ticket to Portland, Oregon in hopes of having all the important questions answered about a college I am very interested in attending. It's called the National College of Natural Medicine (http://www.ncnm.edu/) and I am looking into the ND degree, which is a 4-5 year program. I'm finally starting to realize that I will achieve nothing in life without taking action. Buying the ticket was somewhat spontaneous and maybe not the smartest idea financially, but it has given me the motivation I've been searching for to head down a path I want to travel. I'm not 100% sure that this is the path I am meant to travel, but you never know until you know. Right?

In addition to taking classes this spring semester and traveling to Oregon, I am looking to enhance my photography skills, as mentioned in the last post. My stepmom and confidant, Jacinda, thinks that I should design a calendar and sell it at the Santa Fe market. This is something I'm seriously considering, but need to find the time to sit down and start! (Hmmm...maybe as a substitue for blogging-slash-not-doing-homework time!) I also want to learn how to build wooden frames and play my geetar.

...and shoot a gun, effectively.
...and speak Spanish.
...and spend more time rock climbing.
Gosh dang...I need more hours in the day!

Truthfully, I have no idea where my next decision(s) will lead me. I just love the fact that the world is at my fingertips. I'd like to travel for awhile, maybe live like a broke gypsy, do the whole odd-job gig for some time. No ties. No obligations. But at the same time, there's half of me that wants to stay on the "straight and narrow." Meaning: start and finish graduate school, start a career and eventually a family. Although, I wouldn't mind meeting someone who has the same dreams of traveling as I do, same goals and beliefs. Who said you can't start a family and live like gypsies for awhile, anyway? (Note: not that I'm ready to start a family!)

Tip for Cabin Building: well, I've got nothing right now because I'm waiting on someone who supposedly knows how to build a cabin to offer up some knowledge. More tips to come! :)

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